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Bustan Tile Grout: A Multifaceted Grouting Solution

Versatile Color Options:

Bustan Tile Grout emerges as a versatile grouting product, boasting an extensive spectrum of colors including Cream, Grey, Beige, Green, Green H, Red Oxide, Gold, Pink, Blue L, Blue H, Yellow, Rose, Orange, Brown, Chocolate, and Black. This diverse palette allows you to tailor your grouting to harmonize with your specific tiling requirements.

Seamless Application:

The application process of Bustan Tile Grout unfolds with graceful simplicity:

  1. Preparation: As a preliminary step, meticulous surface preparation is pivotal. Prior to grouting, it is imperative to expunge any vestiges of excess adhesive and debris from the tile joints. A thorough cleansing of the tile surface is then executed, courtesy of a damp sponge, effectively eradicating dirt, dust, adhesive residue, and unsightly stains.
  2. Grouting: The heart of the application lies in the grouting stage. Bustan Grout, wielded with finesse, is meticulously injected into the tile joints utilizing a putty blade. This putty blade assumes a perpendicular posture in relation to the tiled surface, ensuring that every nook and cranny of the joints is meticulously filled.
  3. Excess Removal: Excess grout is delicately eliminated, a task accomplished by the deft movement of the putty blade, drawn at a precise 45-degree angle to the grouted joints. This action culminates in a pristine finish.

Assorted Features and Technical Data:

  • Ease of Application: Bustan Tile Grout offers an inherently easy-to-work-with quality, simplifying the grouting process.
  • Water Repellency: It excels in providing water repellency, rendering it highly water-resistant.
  • Strength and Durability: The grout is celebrated for its robust adhesion to tiles, bolstered by its overall durability.
  • Uniform Color Finish: It imparts a uniform color finish, lending a cohesive and polished appearance to the tiled surface.
  • Non-Toxic Nature: Bustan Tile Grout is characterized by its non-toxic composition, ensuring user safety.
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Resistance: Its remarkable resistance extends to bacteria and fungi, contributing to a hygienic environment.
  • Stain-Free Aesthetic: The grout’s stain-free property guarantees a clean and immaculate appearance, with stains being held at bay.
  • Highly Polymerized Formulation: This grout boasts a formulation that is highly polymerized, a testament to its advanced composition.
  • Adjustability Time: Approximately 2 hours of adjustability time provides ample flexibility during the application process.
  • Quick Foot Traffic Resumption: After a mere 2 hours, foot traffic can resume, expediting the pace of your projects.
  • Interval Before Normal Use: A brief 24-hour wait is advised before normal use, ensuring optimal curing.
  • Shelf Life: Bustan Tile Grout maintains its efficacy over time, boasting a commendable shelf life of 24 months when stored in its original packaging within a dry environment.

Recommended Use:

Bustan Tile Grout finds its niche across a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Tile Repair and Joint Filling: It stands as a reliable choice for tile repair and joint filling needs.
  • Internal and External Use: Its versatility extends to both internal and external applications, accommodating a wide range of tiling projects.
  • Wall and Floor Joint Grouting: It excels in grouting wall and floor joints, ensuring a seamless and enduring finish.
  • Suitable for Various Surfaces: Bustan Tile Grout is a versatile companion for glass, natural stones, stoneware tiles, and structural glass bricks.


While the exact coverage varies depending on tile size and joint width, Bustan Tile Grout offers efficiency and effectiveness in line with your project’s specific requirements.

Bustan Tile Grout presents a cornucopia of colors to align with your tiling visions. Beyond aesthetics, it delivers durability, water resistance, and stain resistance. Following the provided instructions ensures the best results, allowing you to achieve a pristine and long-lasting finish for your tiled surfaces.

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