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**Bustan Prime Anchor** offers a high-strength, resin-based anchoring grout solution, specifically, **Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100**. Here are the key details about this product:

**Product Name:** Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100

– **Type:** Polyester Resin-based anchoring grout.
– **Components:** It is a two-component system, consisting of resin and hardening materials that are premeasured for convenience.
– **Strength:** After hardening, it exhibits high mechanical properties and strength.
– **Application Diameter:** Suitable for use in holes where the steel bar and hole diameter is approximately 25mm.

– **Purpose:** Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100 is primarily used for high-strength, corrosion-resistant anchoring of bolts and bars with diameters ranging from 12mm to 25mm.
– **Substrates:** It can be used for anchoring into concrete, rocks, masonry, or brickwork.
– **Speed and Load:** Ideal for situations where a high-speed installation and early application of loads are required.
– **Other Uses:** Additionally, it can be employed for permanent installations of reinforcement starter bars, tie-back anchors, foundation bolts, reinforcement doweling, barriers, and safety measures.

**Color:** Green

– **BS-5980 Type 1 Class A**
– **BS-5385 Part 1**

– Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100 is available in two components:
– **1.5 Kg Powder**
– **500 Gms Chemical Additive**

**Shelf Life:**
– Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100 has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of production. It’s important to note that this product should be used within this timeframe to ensure its effectiveness.

Prime AnchorFix Steel RX100 is a versatile anchoring grout that provides high-strength anchoring solutions for a range of applications. It adheres to recognized standards, ensuring quality and performance. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper usage and application.