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**Bustan Tile Grout** is a versatile grouting product available in various colors, such as Cream, Grey, Beige, Green, Green H, Red Oxide, Gold, Pink, Blue L, Blue H, Yellow, Rose, Orange, Brown, Chocolate, and Black. Here’s how to apply and some key features and technical data:

1. **Preparation:** Before grouting, ensure that you remove any excess adhesive and debris from the tile joints. Clean the tile surface with a damp sponge to remove dirt, dust, adhesive, and stains.

2. **Grouting:** Fill the tile joint with Bustan Grout using a putty blade. Hold the putty blade float perpendicular to the tiled surface, and ensure you pack all the joints completely.

3. **Excess Removal:** Remove excess grout by drawing the putty blade across the surface at a 45-degree angle to the grouted joints.

– **Easy to Apply:** Bustan Tile Grout is easy to work with.
– **Water Resistant:** It provides water repellency and is highly water-resistant.
– **Strong and Durable:** Offers strong adhesion to tiles and is durable.
– **Uniform Color:** Provides a uniform color finish.
– **Non-Toxic:** It is non-toxic and safe for use.
– **Antibacterial and Antifungal:** Resistant to bacteria and fungi.
– **Stain-Free:** It is stain-free, ensuring a clean appearance.
– **Highly Polymerized:** This grout has a highly polymerized formulation.
– **Adjustability:** You have approximately 2 hours of adjustability time.
– **Foot Traffic:** Foot traffic can resume after 2 hours.
– **Interval Before Normal Use:** Wait for 24 hours before normal use.
– **Shelf Life:** The product has a shelf life of 24 months in its original packaging in a dry environment.

**Recommended Use:**
– Bustan Tile Grout is suitable for tile repair and joint filling.
– It can be used for both internal and external purposes.
– Ideal for grouting wall and floor joints.
– Suitable for use with glass, natural stones, stoneware tiles, and structural glass bricks.

**Coverage:** The coverage of Bustan Tile Grout depends on the tile size and joint width, so the exact coverage may vary.

Bustan Tile Grout offers a wide range of colors to match your tiling needs and provides durable, water-resistant, and stain-free grouting for various tile applications. Follow the provided instructions for the best results.

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