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The technical specifications provided outline the regulatory properties of the Granitogres tiles according to the standard AS PER 13006/EN 176 Group Bla. The specifications include the deviation in length and width, deviation in thickness, straightness in side, surface flatness, and color difference.

The mean values of the Granitogres tiles are mentioned based on the tests conducted to meet the specified standards. The specifications indicate the glossiness of the tiles as per the manufacturer’s instructions and the minimum requirement of 90% for surface quality.

Structural properties such as water absorption and apparent density are provided, indicating that the tiles have a water absorption of ≤0.50% and an apparent density greater than 2.0 g/cc.

The massive mechanical properties include the modulus of rupture, which has a minimum requirement of 35 N/mm2, and the breaking strength, which has a minimum requirement of 1300 N. The impact resistance is mentioned as per the manufacturer’s instructions, with a minimum value of 2000 N, and the minimum value of 0.55 for the tiles’ resistance to surface abrasion (abrasion class).

The surface mechanical properties include the MOH’s hardness, which has a minimum requirement of 4, and the thermal shock resistance, indicating that the tiles do not get damaged when exposed to thermal shock. The moisture expansion is specified as nil, and the thermal expansion is mentioned with a maximum value of 9.0 x 10.

Crazing resistance is addressed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and the chemical properties of chemical resistance and stain resistance indicate that the tiles do not get damaged and are resistant to chemicals and stains.

The safety properties mentioned are slip resistance, fire resistance, and fireproof characteristics, which comply with the relevant standards.

These technical specifications provide valuable information about the regulatory and performance properties of Granitogres tiles, helping customers make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.