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**Product Profile: Blanco Ibiza Marble**

**Material Type:** Marble
**Primary Color(s):** White
**Recommended Usage:**
Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks, wash basins, monuments, building stone, ornamental features, stairs, interior and exterior wall and floor applications, mosaic designs, waterjet patterns, wall panels, table tops, and window sills.

**Additional Names:**
Blanco Macael Comercial Marble, Blanco Macael Seccionado Marble, Mármol Blanco Macael Veta, Blanco Macael Veta Marble, Blanco Veteado Rio Macael Marble, Blanco Macael A Marble, Blanco Macael B Marble, Blanco Tranco Macael Marble, Veteado Rio Marble, Blanco Macael Rio Veteado, Marmol Blanco Macael Rio Veteado, Rio Veteado Marble, Blanco Macael Vein Marble, Spain Blanco Ibiza Marble.
In China Stone Market: 西班牙白 (Xībānyá Bái)

**Technical Testing Results:**
– Water Absorption: 0.16%
– Density: 2690 – 2720 kg/m³
– Flexural Strength: 12.1 – 14.2 MPa
– Compressive Strength: 81.1 – 87.4 MPa

Blanco Ibiza Marble, also recognized as Blanco Macael Marble, originates from the quarries situated in the Sierra de los Filabres region of Almeria, Andalusia. Esteemed for its impeccable color purity and distinguished by occasional bluish seams, this calcitic marble variant encapsulates timeless elegance.

What sets Blanco Ibiza Marble apart is its unparalleled color purity. Radiating a flawless white tone, this marble exudes pristine beauty that captures and reflects light, enlivening and enriching any space it graces. The innate luminosity of the marble generates an atmosphere of purity and refinement.

Interwoven across the marble’s radiant canvas are intermittent bluish seams, bestowing a captivating and subtle contrast against the predominantly white background. These delicate bluish seams, resembling fine threads within the stone, infuse an element of unexpected vibrancy, evoking the serenity of clear skies and tranquil waters.

Emerging from the quarries of Macael, renowned for its centuries-old tradition of marble extraction and craftsmanship, Blanco Ibiza Marble serves as a testament to both Earth’s geological history and human artistry. Its exceptional color purity and intricate veining patterns make it a coveted choice for projects seeking luxury and refined simplicity.

Blanco Ibiza Marble, also known as Blanco Macael Marble, stands as a symbol of timeless beauty and craftsmanship. Its luminous white canvas and subtle bluish seams create an ethereal elegance, celebrating the delicate interplay of light, color, and texture. Whether gracing interior spaces or architectural elements, this marble variety transforms surroundings into havens of serenity and sophistication.

**Test Results:**
– Open Porosity (UNE-EN 1936: 2007): 0.1-0.6%
– Apparent Density (UNE-EN 1936: 2007): 2500 – 2740 kg/m³
– Absorption of Water by Capillarity (UNE-EN 1925: 1999): 0.098 – 0.509 g/m² S0.5
– Absorption of Water at Atmospheric Pressure (UNE-EN 13755: 2002 and UNE-EN 13755 / AC: 2004): 0.1 – 0.2%
– Resistance to Compression (UNE-EN 12372: 2007): 81.1 – 87.4 MPa
– Resistance to Flexion under Concentrated Load (UNE-EN 12372: 2007): 12.1 – 14.2 MPa
– Resistance to Freezing (UNE-EN 12371: 2002): 11 – 19% variation in resistance to flexion
– Abrasion Resistance (UNE – EN: 14157: 2005): 20.5 – 25.3 mm
– Sliding Resistance (UNE-EN 14231: 2004):
– Cutting: 66 USRV (Dry) and 61 USRV (In Humid)
– Polished: 48 PSRV (Dry) and 5 PSRV (In Humid)
– Breaking Load on Anchors (UNE-EN 13364: 2002): 1200 – 1650 N
– Petrographic Description (UNE-EN 12407: 2001): Calcitic Marble
– Resistance to Aging by Thermal Shock (UNE-EN 14066: 2004): 0 – 0.04% change in mass