VILOA ROSE 90*180 GLOSSY SLAP glazed porcelain tile with a marble design. Original price was: 124.50 AED.Current price is: 84.89 AED.SM
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UPVC windows, HighClass section, German technology, Belgian glass Original price was: 528.00 AED.Current price is: 484.89 AED.SM

UPVC windows, HighClass section, German technology, Turkish glass

SKU: UPVC,Turkish glass

Original price was: 515.16 AED.Current price is: 477.89 AED.SM

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German technology

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UPVC windows manufactured in the UAE with German technology can be described as follows:

1. UPVC Frames: The window frames are crafted from 7 cm thick UPVC, providing exceptional durability and resistance to external forces.

2. Thermal Insulation: Incorporating 6 chambers for insulation, these windows excel in thermal insulation and preventing air leakage.

3. Reinforced Build: To enhance strength and stability, the windows are reinforced with 1.2 mm thick Ghurair iron.

4. Anti-Rust Treatment: The iron components undergo special rust-resistant treatment, ensuring the windows’ long-lasting appearance and functionality.

5. German Precision: Engineered and manufactured in accordance with rigorous German standards, these windows exhibit top-notch performance and prolonged life expectancy.

6. Premium Accessories: The windows boast top-quality fittings from the esteemed firm “Fornax,” a specialist in door and window hardware.

7. Sealing Excellence: Utilizing authentic EPDM rubber seals, known for their resilience against corrosion and weather conditions, the windows guarantee effective insulation.

8. Galvanized Fortification: Integrated with 1.2 mm thick galvanized iron, coated in zinc for an added layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

9. Soundproof Design: With a focus on sound insulation, these windows are designed to minimize noise intrusion from the external environment.

10. Color Diversity: Embracing a spectrum of color options, these windows enable you to select a shade that harmonizes with your home’s interior and exterior aesthetics.

11. Effortless Setup: Engineered for simplified installation, these windows streamline the setup process, saving both time and energy.

In conclusion, UPVC windows produced in the UAE, enriched with German technology, present an array of remarkable attributes. These include efficient thermal and sound insulation, robust durability, resistance to rust, and user-friendly installation procedures.